The Practical Negotiator teaches readers how to
Fight Fires Without Burning Bridges.

Here’s one reader’s comment:

There are books you read once and leave, and there are those you keep referring to. The Practical Negotiator is the latter. It will help you each time you're stuck in a situation, and give you advise and answers for your situation. It beautifully captures what most of us go through in our personal and professional lives, and is a great reckoner, hence has high longevity on your shelf.
Rachna Chhacchi is a former corporate executive who is now a successful health-focused lifestyle coach.

The Practical Negotiator is unlike other books about negotiation.  It is neither a compendium of the author’s personal accomplishments, nor a textbook that lays out a series of rules.

The book is a collection of questions from ordinary people around the world asking for negotiation advice about an extraordinarily broad range of problems.  While the questions and responses are presented in chapters that reflect the range of issues, many themes are addressed from angles that relate to specific questions but apply to other subject areas.

The chapters include:

  1. The Basics: Some Guidelines and Strategies
  2.  All in the Family 
  3. It’s Not Personal; It’s Business
  4. Friends, Neighbors, and Other Strangers
  5. Whose Money Is It, Anyway? Spending Habits, Credit, and Debt
  6. Negotiating Purchases, Sales, and Services
  7. Negotiating Across a Divide: Culture, Gender, and Other Factors
  8. Legal Issues, Disputes, and Deadlocks
  9. The Worst of the Worst: Sticky Situations, Problem People, and Nasty Negotiators

Rather than suggesting ‘there is only one way to solve this problem’, The Practical Negotiator lays out choices so that the questioners – and the readers – can make their independent choices based on their assessment of the situation and their own interests.

The Practical Negotiator is an indispensible book to help ordinary people find their inner negotiator and feel empowered to stand up for their interests with greater confidence and competence.

Successful negotiation is a process that leads to an agreement each party will willingly fulfill.  The Practical Negotiator helps make that possible for everyone.