Steven Cohen’s The Practical Negotiator is a valuable addition for all of us whose tool kit is a bit light on conciliation skills—and that’s most of us.
—Justine Hardy, author of The Wonder House and In the Valley of Mist and founder of conflict rehabilitation program, Healing Kashmir

In this highly entertaining and instructive book, the author draws on his background in law and decades of experience in writing about and teaching the art of negotiation. Answering a variety of real-life questions posed by individuals from around the globe, Mr. Cohen teaches by example, yet always keeps sight of his sense of humor. Topics analyzed and discussed range from addressing multi-national business negotiations to maintaining peace and harmony with those you love. Full of situational advice and constructive food for thought, the book ultimately brings the reader back to the fundamentals of successful negotiation and reminds us that effective communication can be a powerful and transformative tool. 
for me (and likely everyone) life is one big negotiation and I literally communicate in one form or another ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.
—Annette Patterson Genetic Counselor, Dallas, Texas

The Practical Negotiator will better arm everyone for whatever life throws his or her way. The real life questions submitted from every corner of the planet makes for a fascinating read and underscores that everything in life is a negotiation. With his prodigious knowledge and laser-like insights, Steven Cohen masterfully dissects every situation to the core and systematically shows us how to construct a solution. It’s like having a consultant and mentor at your side. I recommend you read The Practical Negotiator straight through, then keep it at your fingertips for frequent reference.
—Joe Grimaldi, Chairman & CEO Mullen Advertising

“Steven Cohen’s book, The Practical Negotiator is  a well  written practical guide to the art and science of negotiation. Reflecting the voice of a highly skilled negotiation trainer and mentor, this “hands on” primer offers a nuanced understanding of the benefits and opportunities resulting from an interest-based approach to negotiations. I found the author’s practical advice, offered in a concise Q and A format, to be pure nuggets of gold.”
—Bennett G. Picker, Esquire, author of Mediation Practice Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how the win-win approach to negotiation plays out in the real world, here is the perfect guide. With authority, verve and extraordinary range, Steve Cohen walks us through dozens and dozens of actual negotiations. Based on his world-wide practice of several decades, he introduces us to real people with real problems – in business, in leisure pursuits, in personal life – and then analyzes and advises.
From mother-in-law conflicts to haggling over house prices to international post-war reconciliation, Cohen helps us understand how the process works. His cool head and warm heart make him an excellent teacher. Fascinating, engaging, and extremely useful.
Miriam Weinstein, author,
The Surprising Power of Family Meals

"The format works so well because it instructs through answering questions submitted by real people seeking advice. I thoroughly enjoyed The Practical Negotiator and highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their negotiating skills."
—Earl Hill, Senior Lecturer, Emory University Goizueta Business School

“A treasure trove filled with golden nuggets, based on sound, practical advice and deep understanding of how best to handle negotiations. The author’s (OR His?) extensive international experience shines through, and the wide range of real-life situations covered,  makes this a book to refer back to again and again.”
—Brian Gosschalk , Head of Presidents' Office, Ipsos

This straight forward and nicely nuanced book lives up to its practical title.
The chapter headings help to organize the book to make it a useful guide for a wide variety of people. The question and answer format makes the information approachable.
Mr. Cohen’s development of detailed answers to sometimes difficult questions is enhanced by his business experience and good psychological awareness. His background as a lawyer adds substantially to his creative answers to complicated problems. His approach is especially helpful for the non-legally-trained. His varied suggestions for each problem encourage the reader to be open-minded.
A few caveats: I could not recall the meaning of the somewhat awkward expression BATNA without a prompt (which thankfully is given whenever it is used), even halfway through the book. In addition, when questions other than yes-or-no are suggested, elaboration on ‘wh-‘ questions would be helpful; explicit examples using how, what, when, where and why would be useful.
Overall I can recommend this book to both professionals and lay people who wish to learn practical principles for developing relationships through negotiation.
—Sylvia Topp Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Reading through Steven P. Cohen's latest book, “The Practical Negotiator: Practical Advice....”, I was struck by the forthrightness of the text, and by his reliance on words such as, 'honesty’ and ‘respect', and the emphasis on seeing negotiation as a co-operation towards a mutual identified goal, rather than as a competition defining a winner and loser.
And through it all, Mr. Cohen puts forward a concept much in use by educators everywhere: that of, 'approximations toward a goal'. It is solid educational practice. The idea is that one arrives at one's destination through a series of intermediate acts, not by introducing ultimata, or by presenting the final product on a, “take it or leaved it,” basis.
The author insists, throughout that a negotiator be prepared and knowledgeable, in regard to both his/her needs and of those of the opponent. Such thorough preparation helps to move those previously cited intermediate steps along, and promotes a sense of honest discussion in the process.
Certainly worth a read for anyone involved in negotiating his/her future. I suppose that includes us all.
Nice book.
—Willie Lorsung retired Minneapolis public school teacher

Steve Cohen has created an interesting and useful read. As a medical doctor, every aspect of my day-to-day interactions with my patients, their relatives and my colleagues involves careful attention to negotiation style. Whilst not directly related to this, the examples and advice he provides can be extrapolated to almost any scenario. The style is direct, unpretentious and clear, geared towards people with experience in this field, but also lay folk such as myself. It is written in such as way as to reinforce key concepts, encourage thought and further reading around the subject; all facilitating an essential learning experience for anyone who negotiates on a daily basis - which I suspect is everyone!
—Luke Morgan-Rowe SpR Radiology The Royal Free Hospital London

Leadership in emergency services is a matter of having people trust your judgment. You learn to issue commands that help volunteers feel that they have been involved in the process. It is a skill I've refined by reading The Practical Negotiator.
—Terry Kemper, Captain, East Hampton, NY Volunteer Fire Department

"The Practical Negotiator is an incredibly helpful guide to getting what you want and feel you deserve. Cohen provides thoughtful responses to many questions I've asked myself and scenarios I've contemplated as I navigate the early stages of my career. In my personal life, I can see myself referring back to The Practical Negotiator as I make decisions and seek to influence positive outcomes for my relationships, family and financial well-being."
—Olivia Kerr, Government Relations Communications Manager, Washington, DC