Steven P. Cohen is the President of The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc.  He has worked as a negotiation consultant to hundreds of companies and government agencies in more than twenty countries in business sectors ranging from banking to healthcare, logistics to heavy manufacturing, and public relations to energy production.  A short list of some of his better-known clients includes Wal-Mart, General Motors, the UK’s National Health Service, Emerson, Flextronics (Singapore & China), BP, Maersk, Siemens, Total (France), British Telecom, Linklaters, and Taj Hotels (India).

Prior to this, Mr. Cohen spent a dozen years in politics and government including service as the City of Boston's Washington Lobbyist during the Nixon and Ford Administrations, a job requiring considerable negotiation skill. His subsequent career in commercial real estate development and management added further depth to his negotiation experience.

Steve Cohen has been a featured speaker at programs around the world. He has worked as a visiting business school professor for more than ten years (each) at Groupe HEC in Paris and Brandeis University’s International Business School in Boston.

Cohen’s newest book, The Practical Negotiator (Career Press, 2013), is based on real-world requests for advice from people around the world. It is designed to empower ordinary people to pursue their interests with confidence.

His earlier books, Negotiating Skills for Managers(2002) and Negotiate Your Way to Success(2007) were published by McGraw-Hill.

Cohen is a graduate of Columbia Law School, Brandeis University, and Henley Management College.  A native of Boston, Cohen has also lived in New York, Washington, London, & Paris.  He and his wife, Andréa MacLeod, have two daughters and one grandson (as of this writing – with hopes for more grandchildren soon).

Steve Cohen has served on the boards of several businesses and an even larger number of philanthropic organizations.